Stress … Get To Know It For What It Is

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When managed, stress is a great motivator, but when it is managing you, it can cause anxiety and adrenal fatigue, drive you to depression, and affect your grades and productivity.  Stress can affect the way your brain processes information, make positives look like negatives, and challenge your hormones.

We are seeing 68% improvement in only ten days and 91% improvement in four weeks. The results have been amazing. Below is a testimonial from one of the participants.

BrainTek helps bring your stress overload under your control, then teaches you to manage it going forward.  Get information on stress management and how it affects the body.  Learn the difference in stress types such as child, adolescent, and adult, PTSD, and more, while learning about the roots of stress.

Stress is caused by situations, challenges, and events that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, angry, or frustrated.  BrainTek helps you resolve the roots of the challenge.

Stress will hit anyone of any age or gender.  From infancy through adulthood, all of us are affected by stress.  It is how we perceive and react to stress that determines our stress outcomes.

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Stress in the United States

Posted June 3, 2013 By admin
In Healthy People 2000, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that 70-80% of all visits to the doctor are for stress-related and stress-induced illnesses.  According to the American Medical Association, stress contributes to 75% of all cases of illness in the United States.
The cost of job stress in the U.S. is estimated at $200 billion annually, including the cost of absenteeism, lost productivity, and insurance claims.
In an Ohio State Stress Feasibility Study, BrainTek saw 26 out of 30 people achieve stress resolution in less than two weeks. The average person’s stress markers were reduced by 68% in two weeks and 91% by Week 4.
In 2012, Dennis Maness, PhD, of BrainTek Institute developed a method of identifying and measuring stress markers and creating solution protocols through his BRE (Behavioral Relationship Entrainment) program.  This program has shown effective over the past two years at BrainTek.
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